Email Marketing Should be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing Should be Part of Your Marketing Strategy


Email marketing should be part of your marketing strategy. Email marketing needs to be implemented now if you haven’t done so already. This is an extremely useful strategy. It allows you to advertise to your audience at your leisure but also to keep in general contact with your audience. Let your audience know that you’re thinking of them through a personal touch. Email marketing can add a personal touch to your marketing strategy and let’s your audience know that you’re thinking of them. Let’s go over a few reasons why this is so important.


An Email Marketing Strategy Allows Flexible Communication


You want to keep new and existing customers informed of your offers; email marketing allows you to do this.  Let your customers know that you appreciate their loyalty and inform them of new products or holiday sales. Your audience has already agreed to let you contact them, so don’t underestimate the power of allowing them to check your emails at their leisure. This allows you to take a more relaxed approach to start selling to your audience. Since your audience is expecting your emails, you generally see more engagements from an email marketing campaign. Newsletters are also important, check out this blog to help you with your newsletters here.



Real Time Engagement: A Huge Benefit of Email Marketing


More than 40 years ago, we received email for the first time. Since then, email has become one of the most popular forms to communicate with one another. Since we were children, most of us under 30 have been trained to reply, forward, click through, or make a purchase. Understanding that people usually take an action with an email, then you can start to direct people in the way that you want to go.  You’ll do this by utilizing calls to action (CTA’s).


“Easy” is the Word of the Day


In the world of analytics, email marketing is one of the easiest to measure. You can track your analytics on most email platforms like Mailchimp. Delivery, bounce, click through and open rates can be tracked easily through the analytics feature. Analytics provide extremely valuable information that you can use to make tweaks to your email campaigns.  It’s very easy to tell if you need to send emails more often or less often depending on open rate and the amount of unsubscribes etc.


Email Marketing is extremely affordable


There are almost no overhead costs for email marketing campaigns. The only costs you’ll have, unless you decide to buy email lists, will be your subscription each month to the email platform of your choice. With Mailchimp, you can send an email every 24 hours, to up to 2,000 people, for free. They offer everything from the platform, templates, and tutorials for you to craft your emails. They also offer larger monthly plans as well. You can opt in for the “standard” plan and reach 100,000 people a month for about $500. AS far as marketing channels are concerned, it would be tough to find an option that’s that un-expensive.



Increase Your Brand Awareness


Other than social media, you can build brand awareness through email campaigns. Someone, somewhere, at some point decided to subscribe to your email list because they were interested in your brand. Take that interest in your brand and capitalize on it through email marketing. Do not take this out of context, sending your audience too many emails a day would not be a wise choice. Sending too many emails will annoy and turn your audience off to your brand and the information you’re trying to share.


Use Email Marketing for Sales


Marketing is not only about brand awareness but also to guide your audience towards taking a specific path or committing a certain act. Nurture your and guide your leads down a path to making a purchase, replying to you, or clicking a button. You want to use as much data as you possibly can. You’re obviously in business to make sales. Sending customers, a special birthday offer, or letting them know that their favorite meal, at your restaurant is half off, is much better than just sending menu or a catalog. Use the same mindset when sending out special holiday offers or seasonal sales. Create a sense of urgency. People are more likely to make a purchase when a deal is ending soon.


Basically, Everyone Uses Email


91% of people use email, according to a survey done by HubSpot. If that fact doesn’t spark your curiosity, then I’m not sure what will. So, unless your customers make up the 9% of people who don’t use email, then email should be one of the marketing channels you utilize to grow your business. If you run a B2B business, then email marketing should be toward the top of the list when putting together your marketing strategy. Email is the main source of communication for over 70% of businesses. That fact should also tell you how important it is to utilize this important tool.


Building Trust with Your Audience


The first rule of business is to build trust with your audience. Your email campaigns and newsletters should showcase your expertise to current and potential customers. Send out valuable, well crafted, content that reminds them why they should care about your business, and you may just gain yourself a customer for life.


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