Why Video Is Better Than Image For SEO

Why Video Is Better Than Image For SEO


You’ve probably noticed that video is a hot trend on the digital landscape – whether it is Instagram reels or TikTok videos. Videos, live streams, reels and short clips have exploded in popularity – they are shared in social media feeds, posted on websites, and frequently pop up in Google Search results. Through 2023, video will be one of the most dominant forms of media. However, what does this mean for imagery online? Especially ads? In this article, we will share why video is better than image for SEO and web traffic.


How Video Became A Powerful Marketing Tool


Video has become a priceless tool for businesses in 2023. Additionally, marketers have found that video engages with audiences, and effectively promotes brands and delivers clear messages. Over 85% of businesses use videos in their marketing strategies.


  • Video results are 50 times more likely to be organically ranked in Google than text based results
  • Blog posts with video have a 53 times higher chance of ranking on the 1st page of Google.
  • Videos add 2 minutes to the average time a user spends on your site.


So, as you can see, video are a powerful tool for increasing the SEO and visibility of your site. To the point where it has outpaced images. Marketing results have shown that video engages with audiences, effectively promotes brands and delivers clear messages.


Powerful Reasons To Incorporate Video In Digital Marketing


Videos are everywhere and seem to spread like wildfire – people share them with their family, friends, and colleagues. Which is why it has made them a priceless medium for marketers in 2023. Even though images are eye-catching, they simply don’t bring in as much attention as video content. Video allows you to integrate both visual and audio so that you are engaging two sensory organs instead of just one.


Videos Encourage Audience Engagement


Videos are always incorporating movement and there is an incentive for the viewer to focus on a the screen for an extended period of time. This is especially since it integrates vibrant colors, animations, graphics and engaging music.


Highly Informative & Info-Packed


In images and text, there is a limit on what can be shared. Images only convey more than 1-2 points in an image. Statistics show that there will be a drop in audience engagement. However, videos are able to provide a stage to promote more information. Additionally, videos last for an extended time period.


Overall, images and videos perform better than plain text in a long paragraph form. For viewers, reading is considered more taxing and time-consuming than visual and audio content. Videos are able to deliver multiple amounts of information effortlessly and without causing the viewer to lose interest. Additionally, videos also integrate a traditional format – verbal speaking. Verbal messages are more persuasive and the viewer is able to better retain the message.


Executes The Message Clearly


Simply put – people connect with other people. This is better conveyed through video. People can engage with other people through vocal tone, facial expression and body language. This enables the user to fully understand the message that is being communicated. On the other hand, static images can only capture facial expression and body language for a single frame. Video is a much more powerful medium for establishing trust. Additionally, studies have found that an individual is 97% more likely to purchase a product with a product video as opposed to an image. At the end of the day, video content is a more powerful medium for establishing trust. Studies have found that an individual is 97% more likely to purchase a product with a product video. This is because video content is more memorable and sticks with viewers longer. This alone should convince you how effective video marketing is.


More Likely To Go Viral


Videos are more likely to go viral on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. All it takes is a few clicks and videos can be liked, copied, shared and even on a cross-platform. 93% of businesses gain new customers as a result of branded video content. This gives you a taste of the potential reach that video content has.


How Videos Capture More Traffic Than Imagery


Through marketing statistics, it has become pretty clear that video ads tend to perform better than other digital ad formats. Video-based content increases traffic to websites, generate more leads, and offer a clearer image of the company.


  • 86% of videos generate leads
  • 87% of videos help increase traffic
  • 94% of videos help convey a clearer picture of a product or service


Video vs. Image Ads Performance on Google


In 2023, Google Ads is in the pocket of every marketer’s tool belt. If you are going to be running Google Ads, you can use both videos and images in your campaign. Image ads are good for increasing brand awareness. Yet, these videos usually have higher conversion rates, especially if they are in an interactive video format.


Video vs. Image Ads Performance on Facebook


On Facebook, video ads perform better than static image ads. Overall, the Facebook platform seems to prefer them as well. This is why they have ruled out new elements such as Facebook Watch, Facebook Live and Stories. It’s clear that Facebook is prioritizing video content over other types of content. On Facebook, video can generate three times as many leads as image counterparts.




Integrating Video Ads In Your Campaign


By now, you can see the power of video content and you can see that it is a worthwhile investment for your brand or business. Orlando Marketing Firm has produced alot of video content for clients. These are a few ways that we have kept video content engaging:


  • Short, Sweet Messages – Keep your main message short and sweet. No need to go into full detail on your company or give a long-winded speech. Instead, keep things short and simple
  • Make It Memorable – You’re not just relaying information, you are also making something memorable. Be entertaining, be personable and make your audience laugh (if appropriate)
  • Offers Value – Don’t oversell your business or organization. Instead, provide something valuable to viewers. Inform your audience why they need it and how it can improve their lives.
  • End It With a Call To Action – While it’s good to give information, also offer a Call To Action. This could include a link to a product or a phone number to call.


The Bottom Line


This gives you an opportunity to use your creativity and spread the word about you and your brand through videos. It’s time for you to take that chance and start creating unique and informative videos for your business.


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