Why Does SEO Matter To Your Business?

Why Does SEO Matter To Your Business 2022?

Why Does SEO Matter To Your Business?

Do you cringe and get a funny look on your face when you think of SEO? Have you taken the time to fully grasp and understand Search Engine Optimization (or commonly referred to as –SEO)? Whatever your reason for not taking SEO seriously, let me warn you as of how crucial SEO is to your business and brand. There’s so much you can do besides just optimizing your website to improve your SEO, from posting more on social feeds to using backlink sites. Are your efforts in SEO failing to generate traffic or better yet sales? The connection between SEO and making more money is not always setup in a way that anyone can do the work.

Have you seen your brands Google search rankings recently?

There was a time, way back, when a brand could put white words on a white background on your website to improve your rankings in all the search engines. There was a time in the internet that you could simply copy and paste a link into a chat room, forum, and/or a blog comments area to improve your rankings. But… (and that is a big BUT) the algorithms used by Google and all other search engines have become much more advanced and sophisticated. Does that mean SEO has become irrelevant? Nope, absolutely the opposite. However, Search Engine Optimization has become more advanced and requires laser-like focus on relevance and authority. Now you’re thinking you might need some help, right? Here are some tips.

Content, Content, and more Content – We cannot stress this enough

As far as we are concerned, your brand can never have enough content on your website or on the web about you, your company, your employees, your products, and that video of your cat that you took the other day. Not really, but you get my point. Blogs, Images, Videos, and lots of Text are the necessary parts of today’s search engine results.

Social Media Is the unnecessary necessity in today business world

Social media, social media, and you guessed it more social media. Tired of hearing about how crucial social media is to your brand, well I hate to tell you, we are going to tell you again, again, and again until you finally get it! Using social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or others ) is an absolute necessity if you want to see success in your SEO campaign results. If you’re not on social media, you’re missing out on great advertising and social selling opportunities to bring in visitors and increase your SEO. That is right, the more visitors you get, the better your SEO ranking.

Optimize Your Website CORRECTLY & Use the CORRECT Keywords and Phrases

YES!!! A section of SEO is optimizing your website & using the right keywords and phrases to bring in the right demographic. This is Day One SEO 101 and should be one of the first steps you take in the SEO realm. We could point you in the direction of your Alt Tags, Meta Data, Page Titles, Heading Titles, and actual Content.

Are you thinking Mobile? Because you should!

Google is penalizing websites that are not optimized for mobile and responsive viewing. Did you know that 80% of ALL web traffic is mobile? So, if you site is not optimized and mobile responsive you will not only be killing your page ranking, but you won’t even show up when someone searches you on a mobile device. Really wrap your head around that.

Google should be your BFF

Page five, not even page two, is where you want to be in Google search results. You are looking for that number one or two spot on that first page, right? SEO helps you reach the top of that mountain. Google loves new optimized content. They will reward you big time for new content, and original SEO copywriting.

Did you answer who, what, where, when, and why – Most Importantly WHY

One of the most frustrating experiences when looking over a website is a vague site that doesn’t make its 5 W’s apparent. Your website should be clear and precise about your basic info. If your website does not have the SEO copywriting that points people in the right direction with informative assistance, your clients and visitors will go somewhere else. A good rule to go by is that every word counts and EVERY word matters! The more the better!

Avoid getting penalties from Google

Duplicate content is a serious online issue. Thinking you can copy someone’s content and get away with it is a BIG mistake. While this move might be easy, so you look legit, realize: You will all be penalized by search engines and removed from search results. Unique content will pay your brand back in every way we can think of. START CREATING.



“All of your traffic and website visitors will make up their minds on either to purchase or do business with you based on how and where they find you and how your content feels to them,” Jason Flint from Faceless Marketing Executive says, “So keep your message clear and straight forward with your visitors.”

SEO goes far beyond the usage of keywords to bring in the right consumers. It’s incredibly important to be creating content often, using social media to boost your online presence, to be optimized for mobile viewing, among other factors. Use the tips you’ve learned in this article and integrate them into your existing digital marketing strategy to really start winning at SEO.

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