What Is The Difference Between Large Format, Offset and Digital Printing?

Large Format and Offset Printing

At Orlando Marketing Firm, we believe in sharing our knowledge and expertise with our clients. Printing is one of our passions, and we love bringing brands to life. As a business, it is beneficial for you to understand what types of printing that we offer. You’ll see how your own brand can come to life. So, what is the difference Between digital printing, large format, and offset printing? Read on to find out.


Differences Between Digital Printing, Large Format, and Offset Printing


You may think “printing is printing”, but not exactly. We’ll take a look at these printing methods and their differences. Then, you will be able to make the best decision to choose one or the other for your next print project.


Large Format Printing


Large format printing is ideal for big runs. If you need an oversized graphics display, large format printing is the way to go. This is ideal for a meeting, trade show, storefront, special event – and more. Think building wraps, billboards, banners, POP (Point of Purchase) displays, also vehicle graphics. All of these are all produced through large format printing. Large format printing is also among the most common tools in modern commercial advertising.


Offset Printing


Offset printing is most commonly employed for large print runs. It is a commercial printing process in which ink is transferred from a plate. This plate is generally made of metal and then onto a rubber sheet, which in turn is rolled onto paper being fed through a press. These large sheets of printed paper are then cut into book shape and sent to a bindery to be stitched into book form.


This method is how most major publishers print their books. The majority of books you see for sale in any bookstores were also produced using offset printing.


Digital Printing


Like its name, digital printing is when a command is given by a computer to a printer. printed output from a computer is technically digital. There is no need for plates or a setup process. However, digital printing is less cost-effective than digital printing and more suitable for smaller runs of 500 pieces or less.


The Best Orlando Printing Firm


Are you looking for a quick turnaround or a large print job? Orlando Marketing Firm is also a full-service print company. We offer all printing: offset printing, large format printing, digital printing, and more. Get started on your next print project. Call (800) 357-1299 to get a free quote today.


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