How To Add Users To A YouTube Channel

Over the past year, YouTube and Google have made a lot of changes to their platform. It’s essential to keep up with the changes and updates to social media platforms. In 2022, YouTube has many tools and extra bells and whistles that are needed in order to run a channel. A new feature to YouTube is allowing users to add multiple users to a channel. This enables different users to add content, reply to comments or make edits to the channel. You can add different users to your channel without having to give out access to your login information. Users can access everything from their own Gmail account. Our guide will show you how to add users to a YouTube channel in 2022.


What Is A YouTube Branded Account


There are two types of YouTube accounts: personal YouTube accounts and a brand account. The difference between the two is that personal accounts have the basics but branded accounts have extra features. YouTube brand accounts must be optimized with the following:


  • Branded Channel icon and artwork
  • A Channel description
  • Featured channels and activities
  • Channel trailers


A YouTube brand account offers many benefits that a basic account does not. With a brand account, you have the ability to add users, create advertising campaigns, track engagement, and demonstrate credibility through your brand. Unlike business pages on Facebook or Twitter, branded YouTube accounts have more dashboard tools.



YouTube Permissions and User Roles


In order to add users to a YouTube channel, you must understand how permissions work. Whoever has owner access to the YouTube account has full access to the YouTube channel. They also have the ability to change the permissions of other users.


There are five different tiers of permissions. Depending on what level, a user can have a lot of access or a limited a limited amount of access. Below, we have outlined the different levels of user roles and permissions for a YouTube Channel:


Level 1: Manager


A Manager has the most access to the channel. They have the ability to add and remove other users, and edit everything on the channel. The only action they CANNOT do is delete the channel.


Level 2: Editor


Just as the name says – editors can edit everything. However, they cannot add or remove others, delete videos, or the channel. They are also not allowed to enter the contacts list.


Level 3: Editor (Limited)



The Limited Editor role can edit everything. However, they cannot add or remove others, delete videos or the channel, enter into contracts or see revenue information.


Level 4: Viewer


Viewers can see everything on the back end of the YouTube channel. However, they cannot edit anything.


Level 5: Viewer(Limited)


The Limited Viewer role allows a user to see everything except revenue information.


How To Add Users To A YouTube channel


It is very easy to add a user to a YouTube channel. We have also created a step-by-step guide on how to add users to a YouTube Channel.


1: On YouTube, sign in as the owner of the Brand Account. Select YouTube Studio.


2: When you are in the YouTube Studio Dashboard, select account Settings on the bottom left


3: Under Settings, select Permissions.


4: Under Permissions, Add or remove manager(s).  Individuals are invited to become a user on a YouTube channel.


5: To invite new people, choose to Invite new users and enter their email addresses. (You can add them with a Gmail address.) Let the individual know to check their email and make sure that they received the invitation.


NOTE: Users can only be added as a user with a Gmail address. This is the ONLY valid type of email address that can be used.

If you need further assistance, YouTube has released a tutorial that will walk you through channel permissions. You will also learn how to invite individuals to help manage your channel.


Hire A Digital Marketing Team to Manage Your YouTube Channel


Organically growing and maintaining a company YouTube channel is no easy feat. The flip side (and downside) to growing as a company means that there is extra work that needs to be put into branding, marketing and advertising. That is why we recommend hiring a digital marketing team who can assist you with managing your YouTube channel.


YouTube is more than just a social media platform for entertainment. It is also a hub for business, advertising, awareness and educational content. Most importantly, it has become a valuable tool for digital marketing.


  • Online users spend one-third of total time online watching YouTube videos.
  • YouTube has over a billion active users.
  • YouTube is the second-largest website in the world, and also functions as a search engine.


You know by now that YouTube has a powerful presence on the digital landscape. Additionally, this is why it is essential to have a fully optimized YouTube channel.


SEO For Your YouTube Channel


Just like other forms of social media, you must constantly maintain your YouTube channel. It’s not enough to post one video every year. As the owner of a YouTube channel, you must set aside time for: planning, filming, editing, marketing, and analyzing channel data. A digital marketing team will be able to assist you with:


  • Branding your YouTube channel
  • Creating videos for YouTube
  • Optimizing your videos for SEO
  • Building a digital marketing campaign
  • Running A YouTube Advertising Campaign
  • Analyzing YouTube analytics


Orlando Marketing Firm has been elevating businesses and brands for several decades. As a full-service marketing firm, we provide many business-to-business services you might not expect to find under one roof: Search engine optimization, lead generation, digital marketing, public relations, and more. We can jumpstart your business with marketing campaigns tailored just for you and your needs. Call 1-800-357-1299.



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