Changes To Press Releases In 2023

Changes To Press Releases In 2023

Changes To Press Releases In 2023

Press releases are an essential tool in public relations. They are an effective way to communicate information about upcoming events, news or updates about your business. They allow your organization to communicate directly with your audience and community as well as reveal your perspective on events or recent developments.


There is no doubt that press releases are a powerful marketing asset. However, the status of press releases and the changes to press releases in 2023 has shifted. There have been changes to press release distribution platforms, how they release press releases, as well as pricing for press releases.

What Is A Press Release?

Press releases sound boring but they are so much more exciting that that! The bare bones is that press releases are similar to news articles, which inform the public.


However, press releases are typically crafted by people who are working in specialized industries and fields. At Faceless Marketing, we have worked with clients from a variety of industries from healthcare to real estate and art. All of these businesses have benefited from the promotion and brand visibility from press releases.


Much like a news story, press releases are:


  • Written in a clear, concise manner that easily and quickly conveys a message
  • Created to either preview an upcoming event or inform the public of something that has already occurred
  • Contain the most current and important information in the first two paragraphs

Why Press Releases Are Important

Every public relations campaign will involve writing press releases and releasing them on distribution sites. Press releases can offer the following to your business:


  • Announce an event, campaign, workshop, or the election of a political leader
  • Reveal your perspective on the development
  • Show your audience why you think this development is newsworthy
  • Remind news readers what your group does and how you are active in a specific community
  • Highlight or summarize a report

Press Releases For SEO

So, by now, you understand the power of press releases as a newsworthy source for sharing company updates and information. Additionally, press releases are a powerful tool for SEO.


SEO back links are created when another website points to your website via a hyperlink. When you are publishing a press release, the media source or press release distribution platform will include links to your website, social media accounts as well as contact information. These are beneficial for SEO.


Aside from links, press releases will also help to provide referral traffic from users when they share a press release. When news publications cite the original press release, a new back link will be created when it points to the original website.

Press Releases in 2023

Content distributors have understood the level of importance of content and SEO purposes. As a result, they have made adjustments to their services and pricing in 2023.


In 2023, there are a handful of top press release distributors in 2023:


Cision PR Newswire

If you browse Google News or have researched something about a company, you may have visited Cision PR Newswire at some point. That is also why they have been one of the top PR distribution sites for press releases.


In 2023, Cision PR Newswire, has raised their prices. Their most expensive tier is priced at $400+. While this may seem like a lot of money, this is because they are distributing your press release to 8,000+ websites and media outlets and in 170+ countries.


Newswire is another press release distributor that has been around for awhile. Unlike Cision PR Newswire, their pricing structure is much more transparent and explicit about what you are receiving.


However, it’s still very steep. A SINGLE press release for distribution (domestic US) only is $314. However, this press release does get distributed on a variety of top news and media outlets: Newswire, Google News, Yahoo! News, and AP just to name a few.


They do offer value packs such for 3, 6, 12 and 24 press releases. These prices will run from $895 to $15,534. If you wanted to distribute a press release internationally, pricing would be starting at $15,534.

EIN Presswire

EIN Presswire is yet another “OG” press release distribution platform that has been around for a while. One great advantage of using their service is that they are small business-friendly and have reasonable prices. They only have three pricing tiers: Basic ($99.95 for 1 press release), Pro+ ($399 for 5 press releases), and Corporate ($999 for 25 press releases).


Their distribution reach is quite impressive as well. All press release packages include AP News and Nexstar Media Group, accessing their combined 170 million monthly active users in addition to distribution to major news sites, major newswires, targeted journalists and editorial rooms, Bloomberg Terminals, MuckRack, Google News, Google Search, Bing & other major search engines and a social media push.

The Bottom Line

While the pricing for press release distribution has gone up, it’s well worth it, especially for the SEO benefits. Getting a press release to be shared on a major platform like Google News or AP is not an easy task. If you are looking for massive online visibility, it is well worth the investment.

Why Your Business Needs PR

We’ve had many smaller businesses inquire as to why they need to invest in public relations. One of the biggest misconceptions is assuming that they don’t think their company is large enough to require a full PR team. Or they assume that they can fully take on the responsibilities of managing a PR campaign.


The truth is, good PR is not optional for today’s businesses. No matter what size or stage of the game you are at, every organization reaches a point where they need to be developing good relations with the public. A public relations firm can help you manage that, especially one that is knowledgeable about the current updates in the PR industry.

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