Why Online Courses Are Shaping the Future

Why Online Courses Are Shaping the Future


More than ever, individuals are moving away from traditional forms of schooling. Traditional education has changed radically over the last few years. Gone are the days when students have to be physically present in a classroom. Today, physical classrooms are no longer the only learning modality anymore. With the rise of the internet and new technologies, online courses are on the rise. Now, you can have a quality education whenever and wherever you want. Learn why online courses are shaping the future. We are entering a new era.


How The Pandemic Changed Education


The COVID-19 pandemic had accelerated the demand for online education. Prior to the pandemic, there was already a shift toward online learning. Universities were starting to offer online education in some form. However, the pandemic was a catalyst that disrupted the education industry.


A 2021 study found that 68% of students were interested in a combination of in-person and online instruction. 2020 was an unmatched year, and it gave many people a taste of what could be possible with online education. Even when schools reopened, there was a shift in the spectrum of education that they provided to students.



Benefits of Taking Online Courses


One of the benefits of living in the 21st century is the many opportunities that have been provided to us through technology. Education is just one avenue that has taken a new turn with the internet. As a result, how we learn, study and retain new information has drastically changed. Technology has given us remote learning, online classes, and full online courses. Online education has become more commonplace than ever before.


More Affordable


The cost of college education has soared, and it is no surprise that individuals are looking for alternatives. Overall, online education is less expensive than in-person education. Also, there are many payment options available, such as paying per class or paying in installments. This offers students to budget better and get more control over their finances. Additionally, students are saving money and time on a daily or weekly commute that they might need to take. Even though the monetary investment is less costly, the outcomes might prove to be superior to the alternate option.


Offers Flexible Schedules


For individuals with hectic or busy schedules, online learning has offered them the opportunity to learn at their own pace. You can set your own schedule and choose a flexible timeframe that fits your life. As a result, online education and courses can allow for a better balance of education, work and free time. Individuals don’t have to feel like they are “giving up” something.


Learning At Your Own Pace


With online education, individuals don’t have to feel rushed to complete courses in a specific timeframe. Rather, they can work at their own pace. Both instructors and students can teach and learn from anywhere in the world; at anytime. As long as the individual has a device and an internet connection, online classes are available. Even if you are traveling across the globe, you can still access learning platforms through your computer.



Online Education Is A Popular Choice For Parents


Two years ago, as COVID-19 caused campuses to close, some institutions were able to shift their students to already robust online learning programs. But many other colleges and universities scrambled to build online education curricula from scratch. Students and faculty often found themselves logging onto Zoom or other platforms for the first time, with little knowledge of how to navigate a new world of virtual learning.


How Online Courses Are Improving Workplaces


E-learning isn’t just for high schools and colleges. Now, companies can integrate online training, education and courses into their workplaces. Their workers can gain the skills they need for a rapidly-changing and fast-paced world. Offering online education has the power to transform workplaces.


A Better Option To “How To’s” And Video Tutorials


In the early days of YouTube, there were a lot of “how to” videos on a variety of topics. In 2022, video tutorials are highly accessible. For those who are looking for more robust courses that are taught by experts, there are multiple platforms to choose from. Some of the most popular platforms today include:



These platforms have exploded in popularity, especially during the pandemic. Udacity alone services millions of online users. Additionally, all of these platforms have different user verticals. Skillshare caters to mostly creatives – providing courses on animation, photography, design, Photoshop and more. On the other hand, Coursera is more of an academic platform that offers access to University courses.


“The biggest challenge for learners is to figure out what skills are emerging, what they can do to compete best in the global market. We’re in a world that’s changing so quickly that skills that were valued just three or four years ago are no longer relevant. People are confused and don’t know what they should be learning.”  -Darren Shimkus, President of Udemy


“Tax Deed Genius” by The Jackie Jackson


One of the best types of online courses available are teaching everyday people how to get started with investing and creating different revenue streams to build wealth. The Jackie Jackson has created a best-selling 8-week course on investing in real estate, tax deed,s and tax liens. Users can find a plethora of information in her Tax Deed Genius course.


Why Your Business Should Utilize Online Courses


Today, online learning is becoming a huge catalyst for people, brands, and companies. Many celebrities and public figures are creating online courses on Masterclass – from Howard Shultz, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Hans Zimmer, and countless others.


There are opportunities for any kind of business and industry to create online courses and education. Individuals are looking for a variety of topics and skills to learn – from energy healing, investing or even landscaping. Our marketing and business experts can help start on turning your business into a profitable online course.


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