Cold Email Versus Warm Email

Cold Email Versus Warm Email And Newsletter Campaigns in 2022

Cold Email Versus Warm Email And Newsletter Campaigns in 2022

What is the difference between cold email and warm email campaigns in 2022? If you’ve ever sent out email campaigns, there’s a good chance you’ve heard both of these terms before.


Cold and warm email campaigns are a common form of email marketing. Cold email campaigns are not something that many professionals will recommend because of its lack of personal touch.


Warm email campaigns are built upon people you have had some interaction with in the past. Newsletters are a different form of email campaign that is sometimes referred to as an email blast. We will be discussing all three of these types of email marketing campaigns throughout this article.


If you are new to the world of email marketing campaigns and newsletters, be sure to read through this article. You can even contact us for help via our contact information at the bottom of this article and we would be happy to help you understand.

Cold Email Campaigns

Cold email campaigns are made up of impersonal emails, usually geared towards selling, and are written towards people that you have no previous connection with. In addition, the content of these emails is usually focused on products or services.


The intentions of cold emails are to try and drum up interest in whatever it is you’re selling, even though these people have never shown interest in your product or service before. For example, you want to sell your new internet course and create a campaign of 1,000 random people who may or may not have interest in your course. Does this sound familiar? You’ve probably received an email like this at some point.


Some businesses do cold emailing well and many others do not.  If you send out cold emails and receive zero responses, you should consider a warm email campaign instead, or begin sending out your own newsletter. Either way, you need to protect yourself against spam labeling on your emails, which is a whole other issue derived from cold emailing.

Warm Email Campaigns

What is the difference between cold email and warm email campaigns in 2022? Warm emails are personal and geared towards one type of individual. Warm emails are inherently different than cold emails. As the name suggests, warm emails are sent to people that you have had some sort of interaction with, in the past. They can even be emails sent to subscribers of a competitor in the same industry as yourself. In other words, warm emailing isn’t a total crap shoot like cold emailing. The terms “warm emails” and “warm leads” imply that the people receiving your emails are somewhat interested in what it is you have to say.


For example, this would be similar to the owner of a toy store sending out emails to everyone on the Toys R Us Facebook page, letting people know about a sale they have going on. Do you see how the two are related? This is what we would consider a warm email. Maybe you met 20 people at a networking event last year and now you want to send them an email campaign. This would also be considered a warm email campaign because you’ve had some sort of interaction with those people in the past.


What About Newsletters?

Newsletters are similar to warm emails but are still in their own league. You send newsletters to a group of people, either manually or at a scheduled period of time. You may have heard this referred to as an email blast. Newsletters go to your subscribers. Sometimes this may include warm email leads that you have built up and stored away as well.


You’ve probably noticed that almost every website collects email addresses via a “sign up” or “subscribe” option that is generally located at the top of a website’s homepage. The email addresses collected from the subscription bar, past sales etc. are kept in a database or spreadsheet and are used to send out weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or even quarterly newsletters. Generally speaking, newsletters are usually sent to existing customers.


As you can see, the difference between cold email and warm email campaigns in 2022, while similar, are vastly different. The same goes for newsletters. It’s the same general idea but with different parameters and the targeting of different people. If this seems like gibberish or you don’t have any clue where to start, you may benefit from bringing on a professional to help you execute your email campaigns and newsletters.

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