About Us


Faceless Technologies is a Full Service Marketing Firm providing Graphic Design, printing, direct mail, social media, seo, public relations, viral marketing, multimedia and everything needed for your business to succeed. We are marketing specialists that deliver results with unique marketing opportunities and fresh new ideas and concepts on how to hit your target market without getting lost in the sea of advertisements they are shown each and every day.

We study & learn about your business, your target market, and how to touch them on an emotional level that will drive them to an action towards your business. We understand how important budgets are and how necessary it is to maintain consistency once a budget has been set in place. We complete the planning in advance, share our thoughts with you and do what it takes to complete the project, on time and within budget.


Why Faceless?


I could throw jargon at you like, psychographics, target market, market segmentation, consumer behaviour, behavioural science, blah blah blah, but let’s not. Let us worry about all those things, while you worry about running your business.


Creative comes in many packages…from recommending the best product available to meet the need of your particular promotion, to our in-house graphic art department that can design a look and feel to help build your brand, to our in-house IT department who makes your web experience exceptional, our team is full of creative people who are eager to present solutions to help your brand be seen in the best light possible.


You One must consider all levels of marketing to be a success in today’s world. One thing most marketing companies have forgotten is that the commerce game is not all online. Do not fall into the trap of thinking the internet is the end all be all to the growth of your business. Faceless Technologies will keep you in the view of your target consumers on all levels. Through emotive visual and verbal communications, your brand has never looked better.